The Science of Beauty Sleep


Have you ever wondered what the actual truth is regarding what goes on with our skin, when we are sleeping, and if there is any science behind the concept of 'Beauty Sleep'?


Biology tells us that the deeper the level of sleep we are in, the greater our organs’ capacity to repair themselves, and that includes the skin.  Sleeping Beauty may have been onto something for skincare because when we are asleep, our skin is awake and restoring! We all have a built-in clock in our body known as our circadian rhythm, and we want to maximize our sleep to ensure our skin renewal is performing at an optimal level.    


Sleep is when your body triggers crucial skin repair and rejuvenation, but how can we maximize the benefits of sleep in favour of our skin and skincare? Watch the below video as Age Traveller uses biology to give us all the facts about nighttime beauty rest and what products deliver best during sleep.  He also shares his best tips and tricks for maximum sleep, including the truth about blue light, ideal room temperature and even when to have dinner!



The Age Traveller

"I have created The Age Traveller to celebrate my 50th birthday and 30 years working in the beauty industry. To share thoughts on skincare-related topics that reflect where we stand as humans in the 2020’s… a kind of cosmetic-zeitgeist, if that makes any sense?". 

Custodio D'Avo, Global Brand Director, SWISSLINE.